Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Our Frye Practica Reports are due soon. Here's what happens when I try to work on mine:

I'd better check my mail first to make sure there aren't any crises I should know about. Oh, I haven't read today's Chronicle mail. I really ought to scan through that so I can stay on top of what's going on in the world of higher ed. Article on how priming can affect how beautiful you think something is makes me think of Mark which reminds me that he should be back by now from taking Davey to the dentist, so I call to see how the appointment went. We get to talking about our "new" piano which we just adopted yesterday from some friends who are downsizing, so after talking to Mark I sent email to my dad (retired Presbyterian minister) to ask if he had any old hymnals lying around, because hymnals are full of great, easy-to-play music. Got email right back that he would send me one of the "red" hymnals that I grew up with. Yay.

Okay. Better get to work. But first I better check my calendar to be sure I'm right that I don't have any meetings for a couple of hours. Yep. But I do have those interviews this afternoon, and I better read the resumes so I can remember who the candidates are. Which makes me really sleepy. So I walk across campus to the coffee cart where I buy a chai and run into Cheryl and start a conversation about how odd it is that cats race wildly through the house at night as if being chased by dragons.

Walking back I realize that I haven’t heard from Andreas in a while about our blogging project, and that Becky and I really need to get to work on training plans for the fall, and how are we going to support clickers, and did I put next week’s retreat on my calendar, and did I get Davey signed up for that last week of summer camp, and which chapter of Oblinger’s book did I say I would report on, and why in the world am I walking around outside when I have all this work to do?

Back in my office, I have a brief conversation with Andreas about blogging, and then decide I really better get to work on the Frye report. But then it strikes me: when was the last time I ran Spybot? Can’t remember, so I run it now, and then update VirusScan for good measure.

Aaaaiii! 45 minutes have gone by and I haven’t done a thing! So what do I do next? I blog about it!


Gardner said...

C'est vrai!

Betsy said...

I did finally get some of it written today. I hope you're making better progress on yours!