Friday, October 28, 2005

The first post

It's kind of like writing to someone you haven't written to in a long time -- it's hard to know how much of the gap to fill in, how much to ignore, whether to just start from yesterday.

I'm recently back from EDUCAUSE, which seemed extra specially good this year, not for the talks (although there were some useful things there) but mainly for the reconnecting with people. Frye opened up a lot of new worlds, the most noteable of which is the network of friends. It was amazing how easily the feeling of being part of a bonded group happened, again. Leaving Orlando had the same bitter sweet feeling that leaving Atlanta had had last summer -- glad to be going home, sad to be leaving dear friends.

And I came back with some much needed energy for working towards some new service offerings here at UWB -- podcasting, blogs, wikis, collaboration tools.